All is Dust and I Am Nothing

by Slaves BC



"All is Dust and I am Nothing" is the first full length LP from Pittsburgh's Slaves BC. The release marks the culmination of three years of writing and recording that tracks the band's musical evolution from 2012 to 2015. The album is a concept album that is based upon a subject matter that is as bleak as the music, the book of Ecclesiastes. "All is Dust and I Am Nothing" chronicles an exploration into the meaning of life as the band drew upon their many influences to discover new sounds.

The new LP will be available on limited vinyl from Veritas Vinyl. The pre-order will be on and will go live February 1st, 2016. The album will be released via bandcamp digitally and vinyl pre-orders will begin shipping on February 16th, 2016.

100 black
125 silver/grey
50 red with black splatter
30 Coke bottle (Band Exclusive)
25 clear with grey/blue/black splatter (SOLD OUT)
25 GREEN with white splatter

"All is Dust and I am Nothing is an impressive warning shot fired into a crowd of lazy genre-mashers; Slaves BC show that they are deadly serious about their craft and their career, and you'd do well not to get in their way."
-- Kim Kelly @ Noisey

"It discusses the meaning of life, the inevitable death of everything, and that all actions of man are done in futility. Slaves BC take that absolutely savage story and manipulate it into an album equally as savage and sincerely crushing."

"Prepare thy selves. Lace up your Doc Martin's, put an eternal scowl on your face, load up on painkillers and hide that sweatpants boner because it all boils down to one word: KILLER."
-- Matt Hinch @ Metal Bandcamp

"All Is Dust And I Am Nothing is my favorite album in this style that I have heard in years."
-- Matt Jamison

"Humanity is garbage and everything is meaningless, but Slaves BC have recorded the perfect album to tide you over until the world collapses in on itself."
-- Nathan Sizemore @ xtapolapometal

"Between its sound and its subject matter, this album is quite the soul-crushing experience, an experience I cannot recommend highly enough."
-- Eric Yanyo @ Valley of Steel

"Mosh riffs, blasts, its like a farm kid getting sucked into a combine: a horrifying onslaught of blood and guts spraying all over the place, and machinery grinding on bones"
-- Jason Luchka @ Supercorrupter


released February 15, 2016

All songs written and performed by Slaves BC.
Artwork by Josh Thieler.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings.
© 2016 Veritas Vinyl, LLC all rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Slaves BC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rust Belt Blackened and Doomed Death Metal..

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Track Name: God Has Turned His Back
The wicked and the righteous
Walk above the earth for a time,
and the wicked and righteous
Will forever remain in the earth.
You have claimed the role of the righteous
But you speak the words of a fool.
Your words before others are perceived as wise
But your curses in the dark claim will your soul.
Everything you do is for your gain.
The reception of your sunday morning boasting
Is the only glory that will come of it.
God has turned His back on you.
He has closed His ears to your shouted prayers
before men.
Your store houses are not found in heaven
but in your own pride and wickedness.
You reject the blessings of God
For the praise of man.
Your words mean nothing.
Your actions are meaningless.
You've lived for yourself.
This life is but an instant
and you've been living a lie.
Enjoy your Sunday mornings,
Nothing awaits you but the grave of the wicked.
Track Name: Crawling Through Nothing to Nothing
Death waits at the end of this weathered path
onto which we all crawled screaming and naked from the womb
Between the sun and our bodies, the only change
is time and chance - plague roulettes to rain upon us all
Here we slave ragged for the same ground
showered with the blood of righteous men
Better is sorrow than laughter for the heart
and the day of death than the day of birth
Come now, I said to myself, to find out what has worth
all proved meaningless
And when every concubine was spent, and every drop of wine was poured
Death still hadn't moved
One sweeping view of / the works of my hands
and everything I / had toiled to achieve
The only thing that / stared back at me was
the wind that I had / spent my life chasing
We pass through this life like a shadow
(This too is meaningless)
City of the buried dead
(This too is meaningless)
We sip from wisdom's row
(This too is meaningless)
Woe to us who drink the song of fools
(This too is meaningless)
Wisdom comes chained to sorrow
Knowledge is sewn to grief
Renamed solace / laughter is madness
Bored of bodies / pleasure is empty
Wealth and wisdom / our gains are nothing
For the future / remembers no one
Time by time we crawl and crawl and every man is dead and buried
Crime by crime and song by song our deeds are gone, our lives forgotten
Track Name: Dust
This life is ash
Dust to dust
breathe in decay
breathe out death
dust to dust
from dust we came.
to dust we return.
everything is meaningless.
dust to dust.
cursed to toil in dust.
breath in.
this world grinds our bones.
blood. sweat. tears.
leave no trace.
grasp at the air
as it escapes your lungs
dust to dust.
Track Name: All Find Their Way to the Grave
I have studied the ways of God and Man
Good people die and their murderers go unpunished
Children born hungry when others eat till they die
I saw the tears of the oppressed and no one to comfort them
You plant a seed Another sows the harvest
You plant a seed And leave the mother
You grew up without a father and left your sons to do the same
You work all your life but have no one to care for.
A man may work till he dies but another takes without lifting a finger
Life is meaningless.
Its better to be buried under the earth than to toil above the earth.
Its even better for those that were never born
That never felt sweat on their brow
That never felt tears sting their eyes
That never knew the evil that grows under the sun
All who walk and ever walked on this earth are destined to the same fate.
All find their way to the grave.
Track Name: Everything is Meaningless
We will never have peace
We will never find joy
We will never find rest
We will never be enough
In this life, I have seen all things under the sun
Everything is meaningless
Like chasing after the wind
In this life, we mean nothing
Ash to ash, dust to dust
Nothing is new under the sun
Everything is meaningless
A chasing after the wind
Track Name: Everything Under the Sun
Generations come and generations pass
Kingdoms conquer and kingdoms fall
Seasons come and seasons go
The sun rises to the east and the sun sets to the west
The wind blows to the south then makes its way back to the north
The rivers flow to the seas, but the seas are never full
We cut with our teeth, but our stomachs are never full
We drink our fill, but never quench our thirst
Generations come and generations pass
Kingdoms come and kingdoms fall
Our eyes seek but never find
Our ears listen but never hear
We cut with our teeth, but our stomachs are never full
We drink our fill, but never quench our thirst
We will never have joy
We will never have peace
We will never find rest
We will never be enough
In this life I have seen all things under the sun
Everything is meaningless - chasing after the wind
We mean nothing
Track Name: Nothing Remains but Death
The light of my youth is fading from my eyes.
The sun grows dark as we sink nearer to the ground
My bones are bent.
My hands are twisted
Meat has lost its taste
wine has lost its warmth
I have watched the sun and moon dance across the sky It seems endlessly,
But they have danced before I came and they will continue for a time after I am gone.
My home crumbles around me
Those that I have known wait for me in the ground
Nothing I have done, owned, seen, or learned will add even a day to my life
I have done all there was to do Nothing remains but Death.
I've spent my life chasing at the wind always it slipped through my fingers
I've spent my life chasing at the wind and now I cannot catch even my breath.
Track Name: There is Nothing for Me Here
Why did You put me here?
Why was I created?
Why give me life if only to take it back?
There is nothing for me here.
Why would you make me if nothing
I do will bring me rest or peace or joy?
Why would you put me here just to suffer and fade away?
Why must I pour out my blood and spill my tears
Why must I scratch at the dust and grasp at the wind?
How could you be so cruel?
Why did you put me here?
Everything is meaningless
And I am nothing.
Track Name: Why Are We Here?
Why are we here?
If we walk the earth that covers our forefathers
When we are spending their money and our sons will spend ours.
We are breathing the same air and chasing the same wind as those beneath the ground.
Every step takes us closer to lying next to them in the soil.
Nothing we do changes our fate.
Moth and rust take the work of our hands And the grave awaits us patiently.
When there is nothing left God remains on the throne
Enjoy what you have.
Eat, drink, love, toil.
Think of God while you are young.
Seek Him out.
Fix your eyes to Heaven.
Run towards those gates.
All has been gained
All has been lost
All has been read
All has been burned
All has been drunk
All has been revealed
All has been buried.
The wind still blows
The sun still sets
God remains on the throne.

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