Cursed Breath // Innocent Blood




A split 12" by Slaves BC and Grace and Thieves from Veritas Vinyl LLC.

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Six different colors of vinyl to choose from!

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released August 4, 2014

Tracks 1 through 4 written and performed by Slaves BC. Recorded and mixed at Very Tight Recordings by Matt Very.

Tracks 5 through 7 written and performed by Grace and Thieves.

Artwork by Josh Thieler.


all rights reserved



Slaves BC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rust Belt Blackened and Doomed Death Metal..

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Track Name: Slaves BC - The Wolf You Feed
I dread the break of day
the light that burns
through the shadows
that enshroud my shame
better is the darkness
that i may find peace
with my sin.
i pray the moon
hold its place
in the sky
to hold the sun and its light
to shine elsewhere
i wish to hide in a hole
where no light burns
would there was a darkness
that would not retreat
and uncover my deeds.
i long to dwell forever in darkness
to never bring my shame to light
turn your face from mine
that i may not suffer its light.
your searing light
that pierces my heart
i curse the dark
for abandoning me
leaving me naked
to face you alone.
damn your light. leave me to my sin.
Track Name: Slaves BC - Through Broken Teeth
i don't remember the fall.
all is pain.
weary so weary of such hurt.
take me away from here.
press your elixir
between my torn lips
and broken teeth.
slip your needle
through my skin.
take me away from here.
we were promised rest.
my mouth tasted
of milk and honey.
dont shake me.
dont wake me.
we were almost home.
we were almost home.
my eyes opened to tortuous pain
blood and gravel are all i taste.
we were almost home.
we were almost home.
Track Name: Slaves BC - Two Witnesses
We are a testament to the most high
We are two lampstands - two olive trees
Do what you will
We are a testament to the most high
We stand to testify the glory of I Am
Do what you will
We will pierce your hearts with the words of our lips
We will shut the sky and turn the waters into blood
Fire will consume your heathen flesh
for your lawlessness and rebellion
Your weapons cannot touch us until our God allows it
We will prophesy and witness until our testimony is fulfilled
And on that day, you will celebrate at the sight of our corpses
But the glory will be unto God
He will raise us up from the grave before the world to see
The glory belongs to him
You will fall
For no one can stand before his might
Track Name: Slaves BC - Hide Us, O'Death
When will this end?
The one who sits on the throne has stored his wrath
for all time, to release on us now
He has changed the very face of the earth
with earthquakes, hail, blood and fire
He hurled the stars to the earth
and unleashed demons and angels alike
He released the beasts of Apollyon
from their place in the abyss
As we hide in our own filth
we ask "Where is the beast now?"
We cower in darkness, gnawing at our tongues
tearing our flesh in fear
Rescue us, O Death
from the face of he who sits on the throne
Steal us away from his judgment
We will curse him to our last breath
He will not have our souls
As one defiant voice, we scream
"Unseat the tyrant from his throne"
Declare war on the kingdom of heaven

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